Project with Ryoko Akama (un)comfortably confused 2023
WED 25.1.23 | Basel Kaserne

KlangLab, in collaboration with composer Ryoko Akama, explores improvisational interaction within defined sets of rules. Ryoko Akama on the world premiere of (un)comfortably confused: “(un)comfortably confused examines improvisation within specific rules. The piece moves around a different combination of shapes and directions, executing various qualities, patterns and textures. Certain instructions change depending on where it is played.”

Listeners had the opportunity to encounter Ryoko Akama's site-specific approach during two performances in different locations. (un)comfortably confused was presented once in a more conventional concert setting and, in contrast, outdoors, in a public space. How the musicians navigate their musical paths through the graphic score is influenced by the surroundings, such as the specific temperature and weather conditions at the performance location.

World premiere on January 25, 2023 in Basel, Switzerland
Duration: 60 minutes
Trailer: in progress

KlangLab: Adrián Albaladejo, Trombone | Bertrand Gourdy, Percussion | Dino Georgeton, Percussion | Katarina Leskovar, Cello | Zacarias Maia, Percussion |  Chris Moy, E-Guitar  |

Post-concert discussion moderation: Christoph Haffter

Photo ©Santiago Villar Martín 

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