Project with Peter Ablinger Metallurgien
THU 24.3.22 FRI 25.3.22 | Basel Metallbau

Projections. is there anything to say about projections. to project something onto something. W=what does that mean. isn't it what we always do anyway. we see something. no. we believe we see something. during which we project something onto something. [...]
Peter Ablinger, Libretto der Metallurgien

With Metallurgien, KlangLab and Peter Ablinger reconnect with Ablinger's explorations from the 1990s. Instrumental sounds are projected onto metal plates and these projections are concentrated to the extent that, at their most present, they seem to disappear into a roar. Metallurgien can be understood as an attempt to grasp and fixate on such moments of disappearance. The composition operates with various modules, each defining a specific constellation of voice, instrumental sounds, and resonances. These modules are outlined, for instance, as: “Metal Chattering,” “Self-Projections,” “Trombone, seismographic,” a “Kyrie nach Machaut,” or as “Whispering, harmonic.”

World premiere on March 24 | 25, 2022 in Basel, Switzerland
Duration: 60 minutes

KlangLab: Adrián Albaladejo, Trombone | Bertrand Gourdy, Electronics | Dino Georgeton, Electronics | Zacarias Maia, Electronics | Noa Mick, Saxophone | Chris Moy, E-Guitar

Post-concert discussion moderation: Marcus Weiss

Photo ©Nora Sobbe

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