Project with Alfred Zimmerlin Let Me Tell You About My Sound 2023
SAT 4.4.23 | Luzern Theater Pavillon

“Let Me Tell You About My Sound” is based on six texts written by the six members of Ensemble KlangLab. In these texts they describe a particular sound on their own instrument that they like and that they imagine the audience has never heard before. The texts are read, written, played, translated to other instruments.... Furthermore, the invitation “Let Me Tell You About My Sound” was also understood in a broader way, for example, by waving back to the past, with a twinkle in the musician’s eyes, when the sound of their instrument was still different or had a different function. Or by having the composer also translate his own idea of sound by the ensemble, etc.
What can be heard in the concert is the result of an intensive process of listening, of engagement with sound and making sounds one’s own that was triggered by different guidelines from the composer. Without the immense creative input of the six musicians, the piece would not be imaginable. Basically, it can now only be played by them. So it is my wish to thank Adrían Albaladejo, Dino Georgeton, Bertrand Gourdy, Zacarias Maia, Noa Mick and Christopher Moy for this inspiring collaboration.
Alfred Zimmerlin

World premiere on March 23 | 24, 2023 in Basel, Switzerland
Duration: 50 minutes
Trailer: in progress

KlangLab: Adrián Albaladejo, Trombone | Dino Georgeton, Percussion/Electronics | Bertrand Gourdy, Percussion | Zacarias Maia, Percussion | Noa Mick, Saxophone | Chris Moy, E-Guitar

Post-concert discussion moderation: Nora Sobbe

Photo ©Santiago Villar Martín

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