Project with Michel Roth STROM. The Power Plant as a Music Generator
FRI 15.9.24 | Uri Kraftwerk Amsteg

KlangLab and composer Michel Roth invite you on September 15, 2023, to embark on an artistic exploration at the old hydroelectric power plant of Amsteg, reflecting on the power plant as a unique monument in the national history of industry and transportation. The ensemble and Michel Roth share a specialization in performance and sound art, coupled with a common interest in interacting with industrial spaces. In this collaboration, the musicians and Michel Roth are eager to share their fascination for the area of the old hydroelectric power plant with the event's attendees, discovering the premises together and exploring the acoustics of the power plant.

World premiere on September 15, 2023 in Uri, Kraftwerk Amsteg | Gotthardstrasse 115 6474 Silene
Duration: 60 minutes
Trailer: in progress

KlangLab: Dino Georgeton, Percussion | Zacarais Maia, Perkussion | Alejandro Oliván, Saxophone | Noa Mick, Saxophone | Chris Moy, E-Guitar | Michel Roth, Assistant

Photo ©Nora Sobbe

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