Projekt mit Goni Peles, ScoreCraft: Witness Marks
co-komponiert mit Yuval Adler
Premiere: Nov. 23 | Basel M54

Humanity washes over the earth as a mould creating nutrient highways designed by top civil engineers to maximise the efficiency of how students walk from campus buildings to the cafeteria like bacteria swarming to a lump of sugar as they carve paths in the turf which the groundskeepers turn into sidewalks fossilised in concrete trying to set in stone a meeting where they hope to resolve their timetable conflicts so they can schedule a get together for gossiping about their colleagues behind their back waiting anxiously to know who of them got the job of analysing market trends in the new music scene. The winners and losers shape the crusty witness marks on a washed up rock you toss aside as rubbish. What are you competing in?  Goni Peles und Yuval Adler

KlangLab: Rahel Boell, Objekte, Violine | Dino Georgeton, Objekte, Xyolophon, Perkussion | Bertrand Gourdy, Objekte, Xylophon, Perkussion | Zacarias Maia, Objekte, Xylophon, Perkussion |  Chris Moy, Objekte, e-Gitarre

Goni Peles is a PhD in Composition student under the supervision of James Saunders and part of the Open Scores Lab research group at Bath Spa University. In his PhD, he investigates the transferability of game design to experimental music composition and develops the multiplayer music game ScoreCraft. He holds two Master’s degrees in Composition and Music Theory from the Hochschule für Musik Basel, where he studied with Caspar Johannes Walter and Jakob Ullmann, and a B.Mus. in Composition from the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University, where he studied with Dan Yuhas.

Yuval Adler is a PhD in Music Technology candidate at McGill University working at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology and at the Music Perception and Cognition Laboratory with Prof. Stephen McAdams. He studies psychoacoustics and music cognition as applied to contemporary orchestration and composition. Yuval completed the MA in Music Science and Technology at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University, and a B.Mus in Composition at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University.

Photos ©Nora Sobbe

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